If you had the opportunity to have every single detail in a book completely understood for the rest of your life, which book would it be?

It can only be one book, any book, and the process would be instant.

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Those secrets that authors fail to divulge are what make their writing so compelling and interesting. If I could sit down with Cormac McCarthy or Haruki Murakami or Vladimir Nabokov, I wouldn't ask them to unravel the mysteries they've woven into their books, you don't ask magicians to divulge their secrets. I'll go to my grave pondering a thousand mysteries leaving thousands of questions unanswered, I'm fine with that. Who was it who passed in the night leaving tracks in the snow? Were Kinbote and Shade the same person? Was there really a Zembla at all? What was it that Hoshino killed and what was its purpose for existing? I have my own answers. I would thank my heroes for creating such wonderfully rich and incredibly moving pieces of writing, I would never ask them to strip their work to the wall studs, because don't we all, in the depths of our souls, at the very core of our being, all need a little mystery in our life?

"The Path of the Higher Self," Mark Prophet.

Definitely God's Holy Book, the Bible.

Physics textbook... then i wouldn't be failing physics. xd