What Was Anne Boleyn Like?

How did she look? Act? What was her personality like?

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She is described as having dark hair, fine dark eyes, not a typical beauty of the day, which was blonde hair and blue eyes at the time,she had a lively personality which attracted men to her, i think we would say that she had sex appeal and charisma,she was different to the other women at the court as she had spent a lot of time at the french court, henry VIII said he loved it when she argued with him, nobody had ever done that before, of course once they were married he expected her to be a typical tudor wife and obey him at all times,but she did not conform,this would not have mattered if she had given henry a son,as we know she did'nt, and her fate was sealed.The various portraits of her were not done in her lifetime so we cannot know if they are accurate or not, there is a lovely portrait at hever castle, her childhood home,which was done 60 years after she died,that may be the closest we will ever get to seeing the real anne boleyn.

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Given that I knew her personally,

She was okay most of the time but sometime she would go crazy and lose her head.

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