What is a easy history research paper with lots of primary sources?

I have a 2000 word paper due in my history class. It can be about anything just has to be about the history and have lots of primary sources. I hate history and essays so I am struggling.. also this is college level, undergraduate.

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Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is about history

Generally, the further removed from the present time, the fewer the primary sources.People write a lot about recent history, but this isn't a thesis, just a paper. Why not choose the Nixon administration?

Well, maybe you don't belong in college after all. How about dropping out so that somebody who actually wants to learn something can have a chance?

Or else, why not go to your professor and tell them exactly what you told us. "Hey, prof, I hate the thing that you've devoted your life to, so can you suggest some topic that I can write a paper on without learning anything?" I'm sure he'd be happy to give you a carefully crafted response.

And you are not allowed to put it off because the have brought back Gilmore GIrls and you are in your "safe space."

History is a broad subject, as everyone else in your class knows by now.
Do you have a specific area of history or type of history you want to write on ?
I am sure that even today the professor has given you SOME guidelines.
They did not just say, "Write 2000 words on history."

I mean tenured al loll, but really ?

Held us to help you.