Why does the U.S. and Mexico share in common the bald eagle?

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Both get it from native Americans. In Mexico, from the Aztecs; in North America, from the plains Indians. But the Romans also highly regarded the eagle, for it flew closer to the sun than any other bird, and was hence a solar animal.

Because the birds range both countries.

Raptors like eagles are popular, strong emblems for many countries.

Mexico and AMerica both hvae Bald eagles because before America, Spain was in control of Mexico and places like Texas and other American places. Spain has always had a Eagle to represent them and the European Eagle was considered a symbol of military might and royalty in Spain and other places in Europe.For example, the Romans had an Eagle to represent them and Romans used to own all of Europe. When Mexico was born from Spain they decided to adopt Bald eagle like Spain. When America was born after George wWashington defeated the Britains, Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers also decided to adopt Bald eagle like the United Kingdom of Briain did.

That is why to this day, Mexico and AMerica share a bald Eagle. It is a remnant of their birth as colony from Spain and Britains.