What's the safest knockout drunk to use in a prank?

We want to do a kidnapped prank on our friend for his 19th birthday but cant decide on what drug we should use to knock him out. More specifically, we cant decide on what drug is the safest. We're torn between sleep aid, GHB, diazepam and Ativan. Which should we use that is effective but safest? p.s.: we are pulling a prank.. no butt hurt comments plz

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If you are not a medical doctor you should not be trying to drug someone unconscious. You could overdosage them and cause permanent brain damage and even death.

You and your friends are SICK! I'm sorry but that would NOT be funny and if somebody pulled that on me I would drop the LOT OF THEM as 'friends". Grow the hell up and don't do that sh8t unless you just want to drive them away as a friend! What a BUNCH of dumb@sses you and your friends are!!!!

Tough shi8t! If you didn't want to be put down then you SHOULD HAVE had the 40 IQ points to know that you'd get backlash and reported!

Don't do that dude. Am 16 and straight but went to turnup with like 50 people there. Most older like early 20s or 19 so only one other same age as me. I didn't even know were some gay dudes there and have no problem with gay but am not gay. Am in Duluth MN. Dudes put roofies in my rum and coke drink. I woke up in a bathroom on floor with jeans down. My butt was sore & was sticky there and on leg so am sure a dude or maybe more than one did something to me which has me really upset cause was Thanksgiving weekend. I told my best friend but no one else cause is very embarrassing that I might have been FFF in the butt and am straight. Don't put stuff in drinks dude and is not a friend that does that stuff. Someone is going to feel bad or be raped or feel like they were or something so don't do it.

It's not butt-hurting to be against this. I'm usually very laughable when it comes to a good prank, but not one that goes overboard in making a person truly fear for their safety or their life. Your friend may not like that. Oh, and to even have the audacity to think you have a right to drug somebody....you guys are creepy friends.

You do realize that what you're talking about is VERY illegal, right?