Which person was rude?

Maggie had a birthday get-together that would be the "whole day" including dinner and drinks in the evening. Donna told Maggie that she had other plans during the day but would like to join for dinner. She told her in person and when the invite was extended, and also the morning the-day-of when she wished her a happy birthday. At about 5:45 Donna message the group saying she will join up with them and asked where they were. No one responded to this message. at about 8, she sent another message asking what was going on. at about 9:30, someone responded to this message saying that they were done for the evening. Then, another girl wrote that they headed home at about 8pm. Donna said, she never heard back so she hopes Maggie had a good birthday. Maggie responded to this saying her birthday was a day event. Donna responded with "lmao" and said she had messaged at 5:45. (before 8pm). ok, so what happened in this scenario? who was rude?

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Looks like everyone ignored her texts.

Maggie should have told Donna beforehand where they were going to have drinks. That way, Maggie wouldn't have to try to figure it out at the last minute.

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I don't see any rudeness. Donna couldn't attend the party.

Nobody was rude. It was just an unfortunate case of miscommunication. The good thing about it is that Donna really did try to put effort into going, but she didn't get a response in time.