My best friend and boyfriend HATE eachother!!?

so I ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years and at the beginning of the relationship, my bestfriend seemed to like him, but as it went on and I told her more about our problems and petty breakups she began to dislike him more and more. It s got to the point where she hates him, and says it in front of other people so calmly even when I m there. Like the other day most of the people at this party went to get something to eat afterward when it ended at the same place. My bestfriend was in the queue with this boy she s been seeing and all his friends, and my group of friends. My boyfriend Was in the queue aswell but wasn t ordering anything, he just went to stand with his friend who was at the front. My bestfriend said to him I was in front of you and he explained why he went in front. And then she said in front of all the group "don t like you anyway". My boyfriend the next day told me and it obviously annoyed me, so he texted her which ended up escalating to a massive argument, where he unfortunatelty called her names, like mug and told her she was gutless, and when I texted her she ignored me. So my friend told another friend who then texted me saying "what he just said to ____" is really mean and she doesnt want me to be with him. Sorry that was so long but now I m in a situation where my friendship group don t support our relationship and my best friend now hates me because of him. I really love him and dont want to leave him because he makes me so happy. What do I do?

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To be honest, it sounds to me like you should ditch this guy. Your friends always know what's up.

That is a difficult situation but it is very common. A lot of best friends tend to dislike a friends boyfriend if they complain about arguments; Its natural. My best suggestion is to just speak to your best friend. Tell her how this makes you feel and subtly let her know that her hate for your boyfriend is only going to drift you two apart. She will hopefully soon come to her senses. Good Luck

Hmm! LOL try dumping him on your least liked friend. They'll get on swimmingly!

Maybe she likes him and can't see both of u together. Might me possible.

They're boning.