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Hi All i am from eastern India..I got engaged last year to a girl from calcutta. i must be true that i loved the girl a lot and she also loved me.After engagement i found her chats on Facebook which were not appropriate (chats like love you and sweet dreams and that she will remember him while sleeping and also he was saying that she will talk to her parents regarding thier marraige and that they will do court marriage if parents do not agree) and asked her to stop talking to that person.She told me that it was all joke and it happens in her Friends circle.I clearly told her that she should not have any contact with that boy but she insisted that she was just Friends with her and even called that person to our marriage inspite of of me telling her 100 times not to do so.She says to me that he is just her best friend.Even after marraige she wants to stay in touch with that person. is it correct? what should i do?She says that i did a wrong thing by deleting him and stopping her from remaining in contact with him.She says that i point fingers on her character by doing so.What should i do?She says to me that i should say sorry to that person since i have hurt him by not allowing her to talk with him.I feel bad like anything.After very big fight between us she finally agreed to stop having all contacts with that person and told me that she will never raise that topic again in the house.What should i do save this marriage.What should she do?Should we end this marriage.?

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What should you do? GROWTHEFUCKUP.

Your petty jealousy and need to control who she talks to shows how immature and insecure you are. Should you end this marriage? Probably. It's clear that you are not ready to be married, as you are unable to accept that your wife had a life before you came along. Grow up or cut her loose.

It's not normal in the United States.

Hmmm....this situation can be avoided before marriage... If u don't like her activities u may stop the wedding...

But She is a good person and jovial because she is 100% sure and steady... So take it easy and express your love to her...

Looks to me like your going to have a really unhappy marriage. You should get smell serious counseling on this before you go through with the marriage.

She cheated. End this relationship ASAP.