How to end a friendship gracefully?

I have a friend that I have known since childhood, however I do not really seem to be enjoying the friendship anymore and am looking for an out. I know for a fact that I am his only friend and this is why I am hesitant, since I do not wish him any harm. How would I go about ending it?

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become honest

u see
its easy

Why ditch him if he's a nice guy?

No reason to end a friendship if they're a good person. If you're "bored" then think of something new to do. Invite more friends.

stop initiating contact with him, if he isn't desperate he will do the same. If he does, give off signals, change the way you communicate with him. If he isn't autistic, he will get the message. If he still doesn't, be blunt with him.

In many cases, a rift in a friendship isn’t the result of a single event but is caused by a gradual realization that the two of you aren’t as similar as you once thought. Remember, as you grow, your interests change—and so do those of your friend. Your taking an interest in other people and in other things may be quite painful for your friend. He may sense that this signals the end of your friendship.