Help! I'm depressed!?

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What your friends and family have or want, is irrelevant. They aren't in your marriage. Kids should've been discussed with your spouse before marriage. However, even when that happens, sometimes people change their minds.

In situations like this, the person who doesn't want kids should always be the one who gets their way. Always. Nobody should feel forced to have that kind of responsibility, if pregnancy hasn't happened unintended. Either you need to be okay with not having children or you need to end your marriage and be with someone who is as anxious for a family as you are.

Depression comes from being angry inside, not facing it, and turning it on ourselves.

WE make ourselves depressed through our cognitive self-statements.
Talk with a therapist to learn how to monitor and change the way you talk with yourself.

liston to music, and tell ur self ur stronger than this


Think about happy things..go out and see friends.. Play football, volleyball, baseball.. Etc..go swimming, jogging, walking, Etc...
Don't think about matters that bothers u