Husband can't have sex?

I'm 32 he is 36 he has been in the army for years and had never had a problem killing and coming home but after his last tour he is messed up he is a sniper and when I touch him he jumps and he also had a dream I tried to wake him up to check if he was ok and he grabbed my throat and starter choking me until he realised it was me and when she tried to have sex he couldn't get it up why the hell is this I'm very horny because I have to wait a long time for him to return and he is always checking on our daughter to make sure she is ok he only checked once a night when he was back because she is only 5 now he check 5 or 6 times how can I help him

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He has PTSD, he needs to get therapy at the VA.

He is suffering from PTSD, badly in my view. Now I do sympathize with you and your being horny and wanting him to do you. I feel badly for you. But please try to understand what he has gone through and how it has impacted him and his mind. He is still in basic survival mode to a point. He needs serious counseling. Be patient and try to understand what he is going through. Plus do not complain about this issue to him or nag him about it as that will only make it worse as he will not feel manly then.

Trust me, he is aware of how you feel and he probably feels helpless and pissed about it because he does not know what to do and he is worried about the what if's of it.

Sounds to me like you know what's wrong, because you described PTSD without using the term. He needs professional help, if your story is true. There is nothing you can do for him (other than learn about his condition so you'll understand it better). He needs therapy to help him learn how to deal with what he's seen and done.

Start reading about PTSD. Be patient. Be understanding.

If you think he has PTSD, try and get him to get some help.

He needs to see a doctor asap