I dated a guy for a few months but he moved back in with his ex. I broke up with him but can't forget him. Why is this so difficult?

They have a child together. She had cheated and they had separated. He moved back in while we were dating and I broke up with him. He says he wants to be with his child and it is temporary while he arranges another school for the kid close to where he works and wants to live, and that they do not have a physical relationship with his ex. I don't want to be with him any more due to all these but I am taking all of this pretty hard. I was never in such a situation before. Why does this get to me so much?

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gross. this guys should never have done that. that does not mean it was right for him to stay with you though...i think he deserves a pure and noble young lady who would treat him well, and who has not defiled herself with other men. a women of the rank of lady or above

Forget him, move on and be happy.

It gets to you because you had hopes you would be together. Now you're seeing the realities and that may just mean he's moved on and left you behind. You don't know what his relationship is with her, you just know what he tells you. Breaking up with him was the best thing to do but you have to stay away as well.

You love him. That's why.