My husband lied to me?

Me and my husband have been trying for Kids for 3 years now we have been together for 5 years a week after getting married i found out he was sleeping around a lot and we wanted to start a family I asked him did he get tested for sexual transmitted diseases he said he did and that's what he told the doctor I was all clear now after 3 miscarriages one atopic pregnancy and now i have losts my both tubes I can't have kids and it came down to my husband having chlamydia before he met me so he lied to me I don't know what to do please help

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SO much wrong with this
you found out he was cheating, and you wanted to have a baby??
you should have walked away, there and then

You asked for a clean bill of health and you took the word of a cheating liar?
you should have asked for proof

You have lost your chance to have a child through many poor choices
yes he is to blame, but you need to accept your part in it too, sadly

yes, him having sex with others was how he lied, because marriage means to not have sex with others.
he has divorced you by committing adultry, the marriage doesnt excist anymore and touching him is fornication.

there didnt come anything good out of it but only worse, infertility because of the std chlamydia. you should sue him for compensation, because its his fault, the adultry, std and the accordingy infertility. its not a little fault, because you will not procreate when infertile and not procreating means death when the own bloodline is not passed on. he has brought that death, what he has done is like manslaughter, a step before qualifieing as murder, murder would be if he had infected you with chlamidya with the intention to make you infertile but that likely wasnt his intention, it was he had his fun and the chlamidya was a unentional harm, a harm he was reckless about that lead to the infenctio and then infertility, that is manslaughter as there will be no procreation and living on in the offspring.

I skim read it but divorce him

that is a long sentence because you didn't use any periods in btween your sentences.

Anyway, I am not sure what your quesiton is but i recommend marriage counseling.