Is 17 too old to celebrate your birthday at a theme park?

My 17th birthday is this Saturday and my friends and I have been planning to celebrate it at a theme park we always go to where they have roller coasters, go karts, and other rides. The thing is, one of my friends who's coming just called me and said she is embarrassed to go there because we might be "too old." It is my party. And there are people older than us who go there. She is trying to tell my other friends the same thing. Is it true? I really don't want this drama to be happening.

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Maybe Disneyland or Disney World, but not parks such as Cedar Point, Six Flags, or Universal Studios.

Heck no! Theme parks are for everyone.

Tell her to stay at home then - your party!

No it is not too old. Go karts are cool. I'll come in your friends place