Why does he lie about this?

I have a friend that I have known for a long time and once in a while he lies about mundane things (things that I do not really care if are true or not). For example, he has twice pretended to have bought a PC game from an online store. Even going as far as to bringing it up himself. "I do not know why it is taking them this long to deliver my game, I might have to call them soon and hear what is going on" Once he told me his cousin was in a long term relationship, even telling stories about her over the span of a couple of years. Then when I met his cousin and asked him how his girlfriend was, he told me he did not have a girlfriend and had not had one in many years. Why does he feel the need to lie about things of this nature? When I confront him he laughs it off. Almost as if it were a joke

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Act like you have the games too. Egg him on. "I can't wait for you to get the game too, this part was so sicckk." or "We can play together it will be sooo funn." Troll him back. If he calls you out on it, just laugh it off like a joke.

Well, honestly me and my cousin are dating right now, the love is great!
Obviously that's just an example im going to use as data to back up my opinion on your matter.

My opening statement was in fact, a lie.
Why did I lie? Did I have any practical reason to lie ? You would assume not.
What am I achieving by lying to all these people around me ?

Compulsive lying/liar is the answer we/you're are looking for here, so I believe it is to be.

By some unknown equation in time, unknown to you and me It seems lying has somehow become part of their/his daily routine somehow. If not, you wouldn't be asking this question and you're not the only one who has concern over people who are sick like this.

Often times these compulsive liars you speak of " believe it or not " have no acceptable reason or motive as to why they're/he is lying to you or anyone else they're/he is coming into contact with in the first place, well thats after it became a sad habit. Suppose not, that it is a fully premeditated conscious decision driven with full responsibility and rather infer that it is to be more of a semi unconscious endeavor, having a way with dominating his good sense of judgement. Taking into consideration these statistics that are effortlessly found on or around any front page of the WWW.

In other words
At some point in their/his lives the lying became a habit,a bad habit! So imagine if you will this idea...
One little tiny lie helped the compulsive liar feel impassable or invincible to the truth that they/he should have had to deal with and they liked the feeling of playing Houdini, or at least thinking they beat the truth.
Before they/he knew what hit them/him they had already begun lying about everything, even if it means that their is nothing to gain.....

Like i said its a uncontrollable act that seems to have spiraled out of control. " like doing a drug in some sense" the feeling was rewarding at first and now, they have no idea of how to stop the problem because most of the time they have no idea theyre even lying!

Messed up, right?

When we are children, we tell stories about things that didn't happen because the line between what is real and what is not is blurred. In many ways, when a child lies about a mundane thing it is because he wishes that thing were true.

It's possible this person has ongoing trouble separating wishes from reality. Have you ever asked him? The example of the cousin's girlfriend, for instance, "Is there a reason you told me those stories about someone who doesn't exist? "

Because he's a compulsive liar. It's not too big of a deal; you should have learned to take what he says with a grain of salt a long time ago if what you said is true.