What's this girls problem with me?

What's this girls problem with me? This girl who is friends with my friend often gives me cold vibes for what seems like no reason. I've never done or said anything to offend her so I don't know why she should dislike me - my friend once commented on my new hair cut and said to her 'doesn't Amy's hair look really nice?' And she didn't even turn round to look at me for ages and when she did she agreed with my friend but refused to look at me - One time I went to a party and I wanted to get another drink and she said to me sarcastically 'yeah you'll have to go over and talk to the boys Amy!' and her friend laughed - I once messaged her asking if she wanted to hang out as friends and she read my message and ever replied. The next day I saw her in college and she looked really shocked to see me - She likes everyone else's posts and pictures on Facebook except mine. She never wishes me happy birthday or messages me - When she sees me in the corridor, she looks me up and down in a disapproving way What's her problem with me?

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She clearly doesn't like you, pure and simple. Stop wasting your time trying to change it.

Not everyone likes everyone - thats life.

She is immature and jealous. Just ignore her, she's not worth bothering with.

The problem in my mind is pretty clear. She dislikes you, and if I may add, quite a lot. Not talking, refusing to comment on one's looks and poking fun for no reason, and her disdainful demeanor points to her being very jealous of you (and immature). Some girls are like that. From her own insults (Insult#3), she very likely thinks that you look better than her to the degree that she feels that boys would fawn over you. You should realize that if she was making fun of your looks because you looked ugly, she wouldn't ignore you & act coldly the other times. She even begrudgingly admitted your hair was nice. (Girls normally don't lie about another girl's appearance if they're with many friends and especially if these friends know you look good. If she had lied, she'd be revealing to the world that she was jealous) Just be relaxed and easy. Ignore her and move on with your life. There's no point in trying to change a jealous person's mind. And don't hate her. Jealousy is painful as it is.

Well, she dislikes you. I would say that's a problem.