Should I tell him I love him, or should I let him go? (Please read below)?

I've loved him for 4 years and he doesn't know. He's with someone else now. Should I tell him? Or should I let him go?

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Probably not the best idea to tell him unless he breaks up. If he is loyal then he won't leave his current gf, so you will be guaranteed a no.

If he was attracted to you, he would have been chasing YOU all these 4 years.
Instead, he with someone else.
Men know the minute they see a woman if they want her.
Since he obviously has not been chasing you, he is not attracted to you. And talking to him will only end up with you feeling humiliated.

Here's a quote for you "You can measure the extent of a person's love by how long they wait."
If you truly love him, just wait. Don't tell him when he's in a relationship. :)

Should have told him years ago, so now, let him go.