Why does he bump into things when he sees me?

My friend at work is this super sweet guy that I playfully fight with. He and I flirt with each other a lot and it's fun. He gets nervous and scared around me, which I adore, because he ends up blushing a lot. There's one thing though. When I greet him by surprise, he looks speechless and then he backs away. He either hits an object or the wall when he's backing away. When I smile as he walks by, he looks at me and then bumps into an object. He ends up hitting a shelf or like a chair. His face turns red and then he apologizes and I just laugh. He does this a lot, so I don't know why he does this.

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Of course, you should know, you make him all "flustered" because he must be in love with you, silly.

Hmm! You probably distract him!

girl he is in love with you because when a guy is really into a girl he starts behaving like that around her that's the psychology of a man.

Now what you need to do here is to talk to him about what's going on because he is like super shy and hesitant to tell you so go for it

He's flustered. That's why he seems clumsy and awkward. He must be shy.