How do I talk to my patent in a polite manner that they will listen to?

I m an older adolescent and over the years my mother has become increasingly distant from me. I am incredibly grateful for all of the hard work she does in order to give the amazing life I have, but in the back of my mind I feel like she doesn t love me anymore. She s on her phone most of the time that she and I ate both home and she only talks to me if she needs me to complete a chore or some other task or if I did something wrong. I know that I m being selfish but, I just want to be a kiddo for a couple more years. I really miss her hugs, she gives the best hugs. I just want a couple more years, just until I m eighteen, I want my mom to be there, I want her to talk to me, I want to matter to her. I miss when she was mom. I don t know how to yell her this because, just typing it out makes my heart break and I don t want to guilt or pressure her into anything, she probably has her own problems to deal with, she doesn t need mine too. I m sorry, this was stupid of me, I probably sound like a spoiled child.

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if you want to talk to her just do what everyone else is doing and pick up the phone and call her

Not at all dude. You are just asking for a little love and attention from your mom. Try having conversations with her. If she s reading ask her what she s reading about and talk to her. Throw her hints that she s mistreating you. Like when you said she was on her phone the whole time at the dinner table, sigh, try and make eye contact, play with your food in a sad way. Try to bring it to her attention. Or you could strait up ask her what s wrong. Tell her she s been acting weird and distant and that you re worried for her. And most of all just know that your mother will always love you no matter what and that you matter the world to her.

I am the parent of two children I want the same things from my children that you want from your mother I feel I don't matter I try to express my feelings and it irritates my daughter so I'll write down my feelings and before I had the chance to delete it I'll send it and that way she knows what I'm feeling your mother might suffer from depression or have a hormonal imbalance or other health issues but by writing how you feel be honest and don't sound like you're attacking or disrespecting her feelings tell her I love you Mom just need to know what it is I need to do to get you back to be my mommy

No, you don't sound like a spoiled child. You sound like you miss your mom. She sounds like she's so absorbed in her own life that she doesn't see how she affects you.

So tell her this. Say to her, "Mom, I miss you. I feel like we don't talk anymore. How can we change that?" And ask for some time that she's just with you, not on her phone. Maybe you can always arrange to have dinner together and talk about your days that you each had.