I'm a junior in hs and i failed 5 out of my 8 classes for the first marking period, I've never failed this many classes before?

I don't want to let my dad down, he has high expectations of me and i've always had pretty good grades up until this year so he doesn't suspect a thing and i've been hiding my grades from my parents, I feel really bad because my birthdays coming up and my dad is gonna buy me a new phone, i know this will hurt any future chances i have with jobs/colleges but is there anything i can do to not make it look so bad...? (who am i kidding its already bad enough) please help!!!

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ask your parents to help you get a tutor for your schoolwork

It's your dads fault he shouldn't have had high expectations for you. All parents want their kids to do good but that's not reality, just show him and move on no need to sit around. Being sad do better next time use this as a lesson and do better. Don't think too much about your dad.

You need to examine the reasons why you have failed 5 out of 8 classes. You said you have never failed this many before which implies you have failed others before. Are you lazy? Are you afraid to ask for help when you need it? Do you have outside issues affecting your academic performance? Honestly, if you want things to change--and it sounds like you are indeed worried about your educational future --then you need to get serious. The good thing is you still have one more year before college to get things sorted out. Talk to your teachers and see what you can do to get your grades up for the rest of the year. Talk to your guidance counselor. You may need to take summer courses. If you are proactive in this situation, your dad will see it. I'm sure he'll still be ticked you aren't performing to the best of your ability, but if you show him you're serious about fixing your problem, he'll be more inclined to help you out and not be so negative.

Metaphysical find out if you have some kind of mental illness suffer from depression or something why are your grades so bad you need to be honest you don't deserve a new phone you need to have some self-respect integrity dignity and pride to be a responsible young adult talk to somebody if you need help telling your father the issues it don't take advantage of him or anyone else because it is disrespectful and it shows very little self-worth of oneself make your dad proud be all that you can be put in the effort or take night classes to improve your grades and tell your father you're trying to make yourself a better person once you lose that parents Trust how would they be able to believe anything that comes out your mouth don't make that mistake and yes your grades will affect the kind of jobs that you will get and other areas of your lifestyle take pride in yourself work hard and do your best find your self-worth and become the man a father would be proud of God bless