How do I deal with my family's mess - advice?

I'm a 14 year old boy and my sister who is 12 attempted suicide because all the girls in her middle school bullied her and beat her up. They even held a knife at her and said they dare her to stab herself with if in front of them but she refused to so they tried to put her in danger by pushing her into the traffic when cars drove by. I think the fact that my mom restricting her from going out AND making her shut down all social media sites may have triggered it too. My mom tried protecting her by not letting her go to places alone with other kids because of her emotional state. She was upset with that but eventually she accepted if and then after that my mom made her shut down all social media sites too which took away the other half of her social life. She stayed home with absolutely no interactions with others. She wasn't bullied online but my mom cut her socializing time besides school with bullies anyways. She also restricted her from scary TV shows or movies because for some reason my mom thought THAT might effect her mental health. The family is a mess right now and everyday my sister is our number one worry. We know she will survive but my parents are still concerned about her mental health and a ton of other things.

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Those bullies made two attempts on her life. Holding a knife on her is assault with a deadly weapon and pushing her into traffic is attempted murder. How about your mother contact the school AND the police and press changes against these future inmates.

I'm sorry to say, but this is way beyond the ability of yahoo answers. You need to speak to a guidance counselor or another adult you trust. This is very serious and needs to be taken care of the right way.

I would say your first step would be to stop trolling. If such an event actually occurred the first thing your parents should do would be to contact the police and then contact the school to report this incident. Next your parents would take your sister to the family doctor for a checkup and referral to a mental health professional that can evaluate her mental state. Next the family should attend some group counseling sessions.

i think someone needs to turn those bullies in to the police, and she should go to another school away from them