Is my moms new boyfriend a gay pedophile? Please Help...?

Im a 13 year old boy. Last year, my parents got divorced. My mom started dating this guy named Gary. My mom is 45, and Gary is 57.. a little weird. The first few months were fine. But he began to look at me regularly. Didnt think much of it. However, Earlier this summer, 2 friends came over and we were playing with the garden hose. It started to get cold, so my 2 friends stayed outside and I went in to get towels. Right before I went in i said "Watch, hes gonna stare at me" They watched him through the window. On my way back out, he stared at my ***... and when your clothes are wet they stick to you... i got out and my friends were just like DUDE HE STARED AT YOU THE ENTIRE TIME YOU WALKED OUT, and I got scared. When hes in the car it looks like hes trying to look at me in the mirror.... and like 3 days ago was really uncomfortable. Gary and my mom and I had just gotten back from a night at my grandparents house. I was sitting on the couch, just playing on my phone. He starts to walk into my moms room. To get there you have to walk in the hallway past the living room, and on a good basis when he walks by he glances over on me. But this time it was just weird. He stopped in the hallway. I looked over and I was like Wtf? and he couldnt see i was looking yet. Then he peeked around the wall and just stared at me for a good 5 seconds. Please help.

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If he is only looking at you, it is no big deal at this point. You do need to mention it to your mother.
Think of this though, he may say you are imagining it or making it up because you are jealous of her attention being on him rather than on you alone.
Lock your door at night. Put a chair under the door knob if nothing else.

TELL YOUR MOM; HAVE YOUR FRIENDS THERE SO THEY CAN BACK YOU UP. That behavior is definitely not the norm

I am a Mom and if you were my son and this was happening I would want to know. I would get rid of that bum so fast his head would spin.It is a good idea to have your friends there to back you up. But I don't know of any reason a Mom would not believe her own flesh and blood about something like this.You really need to do something before this develops into more. People do date women just to get to their children.Please talk to your Mom she does love you doesn't she? She will not allow this to go on honey. If she does then you need to go to the counselor at school and tell them what is going on. People like this are very dangerous. There are people in this world who only feel joy by inflicting pain on others.This is not normal behavior. If you feel uncomfortable at all it is not normal. Every thing I have seen about sexual harassment says anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.Please do something about this. I wish I could help more.

tell your mom and if she wont listen call cps, hes sexually harrassing you and they can move you out