My parents won't let me stay home sick?

this is actually only my mom that is letting me go to school. my dad wants me to stay when i'm sick. i don't get it that when i'm sick my mom won't let me stay home. she doesnt care if i have a broken leg. she's gonna still make me go to school but my dad always wants me to stay when i'm sick till i get better.

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Well she will get a surprise then when the school calls her and tells her to get her tail there and to pick you up because you are too sick to be at school

You can go to school if you gave a broken leg. I use to tell my kids if their head is still attached to their shoulders they go to school.If the head is not attached to their shoulders they are excused. You need to toughen up!

You think that is bad, my parents wouldn't let me have Christmas with family as a kid, my mother set the rule. They stole Christmas from me.

You need to stay home teacher does not want to get it or other students