Guys, has a girl liked you twice? If so, did you like her the Second time she liked you?

If she liked you a few years ago then liked you again now

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A girl can like someone a few times. From my experience, I would like someone again after getting closer to them or simply just because past feelings are resurfacing. Maybe now, you will discover a new side to her and have feelings for her as well.

Attraction can grow over time, but in my experience it's usually nothing to do with whether the other person likes you or how many times they've liked you. If you only like someone because they like you, that's not really liking them for who they are, rather it's liking them because it's easy

i think you should wait for the third time.

first he must change his wrong behaviour

and then she ll kiss him again

are u hard like a stone?

then its difficult for u