How many sleeping pills will it take to kill me I m 15 and how long will it take until I m dead?

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First off, assisted suicide is illegal. Second, what if you screw up and drop into a living coma? Not worth it.

Dont include us in your egoistic horrible acts. After all th years of caring for you, you owe it to your caretakers to at least try to become happy

What's roughy how many do I can just triple it to make sure

I would hope that you realize you have a lot to live for - look around there is ALWAYS someone worse of than you & ALWAYS ALWAYS something to be grateful for- sending prayers your way

Not answering. What if you actually do die from taking them?

Ask your sperm donor father.

You need Buddha in your life.

Depends on which sleeping pill and how many. Also your body weight, liver, and etc. other factors. No one could accurately tell you how long it will take.


Not given without prescription.

antihistamines are not sleepers