What can go faster than light?

A rocket going .9 the speed of light. In the window, turn on a lamp. The light from the lamp is going the speed of light, plus the rocket speed of 90 percent of the speed of light. Simple: the lamp light is going 1.9 times the speed of light.

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There is only one speed, the speed of light. Everything is moving at C into the future. But when you travel through space, you are steering a bit away from the future. If that direction was at right angles to the future then there would be no part left towards the future, ie you would stop in time and any light you emit would shift to zero Hz behind you, to infinite Hz in front of you, and you and your light would exist for zero time. If your speed is less than C then like the waves from a boat, the waves travel at the same speed regardless of the boat speed.

Einstein's work shows that nothing with mass can be accelerated to faster than light speed. (The speed of light is often denoted as "c") He also showed that if something is moving faster than c, it can never slow to c or below.

A tachyon is a theoretical particle that travels faster than c. Most physicists think that faster-than-light particles cannot exist because they are not consistent with the known laws of physics.

Despite theoretical arguments against the existence of faster-than-light particles, experiments have been conducted to search for them. No compelling evidence for their existence has been found.

Eyesight and imagination

My c u m shots I sweat travel same speed as light not faster but same speed

My advice is quit thinking of speed limits as something to break, but rather an indication of the framework of your own self imposed constraints. Go around to break apparent speed limits. Not through.

the closer you are to C (speed of light) the slower time goes for you.
there are frames of reference.
if you are going 99% the speed of light on a ship and turn on a lamp, the light it emits is still going C. and you are still standing still to the light

that should help alitle

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Nope. Einstein showed that velocities don't add that way. The universe close to the speed of light does not act the way we've decided it acts based on our life at ordinary velocities.

> the lamp light is going 1.9 times the speed of light.

Wrong again, Albert.