Is there any evidence demons exist?

i know there is the study of demons -demonology. but has there ever been any conclusive evidence that they exist in another realm?

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anorexia nervosa is demonic oppression - but it is being made out to be a mental illness

because we have been forced to become secular and they rubbish Christianity and anything else like demons ghosts etc

the people dismissing God and ghosts and demons are actually demon worshipers themselves but they

don't admit it and they will ridicule anyone who suggests stuff like demons exists

Ask someone who has been possesed. 😳

The film the Exorcist is based on fact. There have been many exorcisms carried out on people who have shown paranormal behaviour throughout the exorcism. Voices that the human throat can not produce, abnormal strength, none religious people speaking in languages that they don't know and talking about religious things that the victim could never have known about. Take a look at this, interesting.

Nope, except in movies and the Bible.

yes since people have experienced it

Try a ouija Board for evidence.