Why does the earth feel flat? If the earth is a sphere then why does it feel flat?

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because your are so freaking tiny and unimportant by comparison. Even huge mountains are only like a tiny pimple on your face when compared to the earth. You don't notice that bacterium making a mound on your face, probably, even though it does. And I suppose the bacterium, if it thinks or could think, would assume you are flat, when obviously you are not.

I assume you are smarter than that bacterium, but perhaps not.

Even if you could see 100 km (62 miles), the Earth dips only 0.78 km, less than 0.8%. You eyes and brain are just not equipped to see such a small difference from flatness.

For a distance of 1 km, the dip is only 78 mm, less than 0.008%

You expect anyone to take a question like this seriously? Really??? Have you any idea of the size of the earth compared to humans??? To a bacterium sitting on a ping pong ball, the ping pong ball is flat.

The attached video should clear up any lingering doubt in your mind.

Because you are very small compared to the Earth.