If theres the possibility of there being a universe where JFK didnt die, why would you take issue with the multiverse as it could save lives?

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Just because ONE person may not have died in an alternate University does NOT mean that just as many people in THAT universe DO NOT die IN THAT Universe as die in THIS Universe. You are making a HUGE assumption that ALL alternate universes HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME LAWS OF PHYSICS AND THERMODYNAMIC AS THIS UNIVERSE. What if one of your great great parents who did NOT die in the 1918 influenza pandemic DID die in the alternate Universe, YOU would not have been born in the alternate Universe. If you were NOT born, you could not die. My grandmother's first fiance died from tuberculosis. If my grandmother had not married my grandfather , my mother and I would never have been born. . i don't have children, and I have no brothers and sisters, My immediate family line ends WITH ME, but my legacy will survive and will live on in the memories of people i have had contact with in some way. Whether alternate universes exist or not doe NOT effect how live my life in THIS universe day day to day. My EXTENDED families will NOT die..

I personally do NOT have problems with alternate universes., but many other people DO have a lot of problems with alternate, parallel universes.. MY problem is WHY does everyone SEEM to assume these universes HAVE to have the SAME laws of physics and thermodynamics as THIS Universe? THAT is what does NOT make sense to me.

IF the multiverse theory is correct, then it COSTS as many lives as it SAVES.

according to the multiverse theory, every possible outcome exists in an infinite number of universes. this means that everyone gets assassinated somewhere, so the proposition is a wash -- a perfect tie between good and bad outcomes.

Wasting your time, aren't you?

A silly question deserves a sily answer.

Who is JFK? He wasn't anyone important in my multiverse

And there's a universe where Hitler's parents never met. Or a universe where the Confederacy won. How about a universe where the Sun never formed?