If you traveled back in time and killed yourself as a small child before you learned to time travel,would at least 2 universes be the result?

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The paradox:


Solution to the paradox:


No, because backward time travel is impossible for objects with mass. They would have to exceed c. Interestingly, they would have to ADD energy to slow down.


Either 2 (a fork occurs at the moment when you go back in the past - the fact that you kill yourself is just symbolic ; the precise moment when you go back in past, things start to change ; the butterfly effect : the present you have known is no longer possible anymore)

Or 0 (like in sci-fi movies : you create an incoherence in the space-time continuum, or whatever BS. And the whole universe is destroyed)

Or, simply, this is the proof that traveling back in time is not possible.

Those are 3 valid theories. In the sense that they are coherent. There are many others. The point is that "1" is not an answer : assuming that travelling back in time is possible implies that there are parallel universes, with "forks" in the line of time.

That said, the Ockham razor commands to choose "travelling back in time in impossible", as long as no observation contradict this theory.

There's no such thing as time travel so it can't occur.