Why do doomsday people say nobody will come December of 2016? l?

It makes me wonder if one day they will be right.

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Doomsday people are IDIOTS.
Don't listen to them.

If you roll the dice and get snake eyes, does that mean that you are a prophet? Or is it instead because you waited only enough time to get the result you were trying to get and you ignored all other times you didn't get the result you wanted?

Hint: wait more time to see if you can repeat the result, then compare it to random result.

Look up: bias.

There are many doomsday predictions <<every year>>, and there have been thousands over the last decade or so.

Have any of those come true? Obviously not.

Why do you think any of the current doomsday predictions will be true <<this>> time?

I guess everyone who would have come that day will come twice the next day instead.