Why do so many people including the military insist on beds being made after rising when that would cause bacteria to multiply hugely?

other pathogens and likely bed bugs too will thrive throughout the day while leaving the bed unmade would dry out sheets from sweat etc and discourage growth of unwanted visitors

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It is not about bacteria, that is some myth you pulled out of the hat.
You should be laundering your bedding often enough that soil is not an issue and in nearly any intitution like the military they have a day during the week they call air bedding.
In your private closed off secure and protected room, or perhaps just your own place, you can choose whether or not to make your bed,even live like an ogre and slob.
My parents were both military, and if my mom had to make up my bed or launder my linens, faster than news flash I would find myself with an even stricter regime, like cleaning the barn and horse stalls every weekend instead of twice a month. My room didn't have to pass inspection, but it did have to meet with certain approval for some level of organization like a civilized person, not a rat..
Your bed, YOU sleep in it.

I think they're more worried about instilling discipline and order in the troops. Also they teach cleanliness in the military, so dirty sheets will get washed often enough that it's not a problem. Personally though, I don't see the point of making the bed, and I do prefer to leave the sheets open and let it air out.

mites and lice are the reasons many cultures air their bedding daily

And your evidence to back up this ridiculous assumption is....?