Is a B in biology good?

I'm almost finished with my college Biology and it looks like I'm making a B. Is that considered pretty good for this subject?

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Let's look at it from the point of view of graduate/professional school admissions officers:
A+ = outstanding, you're in
A = excellent, you're admitted somewhere, maybe even here
B = good, but you better have As in most of your other subjects
C = average, you better have A's in ALL your other subjects and a good explanation for this C.
D = you pass, but that's about it. Find another outlet for your talents
F = forget it.

Much better than Diology.

A B in a science is pretty satisfactory. But if you want to go to medical school or nursing school, then a B in biology is a little bad, so it depends.

A B is okay. What is the rest of your class getting? If the average is a C, a B is good. If they are getting As, a B is poor.